TinyMiny Concert #1 hosted by EARUNIT

At MillFactory NuVenue, (Copenhagen, NV), November 21, 2020

Boe Larsen- Sound and live filming editing, Jonathan Alexander- sound. 


Yael Acher ”KAT” Modiano- flute, effects, composition, and image-collage. 


- Distances and Sounds, Suite I-IV, Op.2 for flute and prepared electronics*

(composition year 2020- premier) 

  1. “And I have it from a wave’s own lips that their number is without limit.” 
  2. “It is low tide, and I must dig in my heels with my soul.” 
  3. “…and when you breath it in, you seem to be breathing in those sounds.” 
  4. “A pigeon glides so slowly to the top of a streetlight that you could almost think it was a red-tailed hawk.” 

*The title and subtitles are inspired by “Distances and Sounds,” a poem by Ilya Bernstein

- “Humanity is an ocean” Op. 2- Variations on a motif - for solo flute(composition year 2020- premier) (qt. Mahatma Gandhi)

Both pieces are new versions of new compositions that were released in October 2020, on Modino's solo album: "Humanity is an ocean"- Flute Soundscapes