“K A T” M O D I A N O group

photo by "KAT" Modiano, NYC 2021

urban fusion of jazz -funk- contemporary- electro-acoustic/visual experience


-  "Yael Acher is a flutist who isn't about faking the funk…her hard-edged Junk Kat Modiano ensemble is run from the kick drum."- Steve Smith, Time Out New York.

- “…Acher raises the excitement level frequently by using overblowing techniques to ignite the collective voices”- Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, USA.

-“…inheritance of post-hard-bop is especially original and convincing.” – Thierry Quénum, Jazz Magazine, France.

- “Very dense…highly original interaction between organic and non-organic…”– Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende,Denmark.



Based in New York City and Copenhagen, the award winning, and multiple genres flutist/composer/educator Yael Acher “KAT” Modiano continues to lead her fusion jazz-funk group “KAT” MODIANO locally and internationally.

 The group performed at New York City venues such as: Blue Note, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, Iridium, BAMcafe, Galapagos, Morris-Jumel MansionAPAP 2017, and Newark Museum, NJPAC in NJ. Among numerous venues in Scandinaviathe group performed at: Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Cph Jazz House, Dexter, Rust, and Jazz i Malmö, Sweden, and more.


The music: 

With a line-up of established, masterful and soulful groovy musicians, “KAT” Modinao merges together diverse expressions/impressions stemming from different cultures and rhythmic traditions; from fusion jazz-funk to indigenous beats, to afro-Cuban and experimental Noise-art, to contemporary jazz, blues, and spirituals. The ensemble’s expressions are created with energetic pulsating rhythm section, funky -jazz el and acoustic bass lines, blues inspired, non-tonal harmonies on retro keyboards and piano, powerful improvisations with lyrical melodies and rhythmic riffs on the flute and effects, with some afro-impro vocals, and electronic multilayered noise-art. 

Eclectic palate of soundscapes varies in structure and atmosphere with different instrumental combinations, from duo to quintet, with and without electronics and an image-collage screenings of abstract, associative, and social awareness visuals. 

While some tunes have clear forms with tight orchestrations, others display serial music motifs with more free style improvisation sections and unisons, yet other are more lyrical, like jazz-blues ballads. 

Like a heartbeat, RHYTHM is the pivotal element that creates an overall flow like an abstract cinematic story-telling; inviting the audience on an adventitious, loving multimedia journey. 

As jazz soloist “KAT” Modiano had also performed and recorded with world known musicians: Wycliffe Gordon (Wynton Marsalis), Bernard Purdie (Modern Drummer Hall of Fame), David Haney (Cadence Magazine), Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood), and more.

Grants: “KAT” Modiano’s group has been supported by: Copenhagen Culture Foundation, Danish Artist Union, Danish Musician Union, KODA, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and more.

Interviews and Broadcastings: HORIZONTE- "la vuelta a la manzana"- Mexican National Radio, WHCR 90.3FM, THE VOICE OF HARLEM, NYC, Danish Radio, Copenhagen Kanal, Jazz News and Jazz –Live, WFMU Freeform Radio- New Jersey, USA, “Territori Sonor” Radio, Barcelona, Euronews, etc.


Album Releases featuring “KAT” Modiano’s music:

Redcar, released on MODIANO in 2001

Modiano, released on MODIANO in 2003

La Belle Ombre, released on Capstone Records in 2006          

KAT” & ”MOON” in Manna-hata - released independently in 2014

Humanity is an ocean- Flute Soundscapes – released on Centaur Records in 2020